go-doudou(doudou pronounce /dəudəu/)is a golang microservice framework for developing REST and gRPC services.



After years of Go language development practice and technical framework research, we have not found a very satisfactory Go language microservice framework.


  • I need a tool to generate as much code as possible for us: if we don't know anything about tcp/ip/http/RESTFul/grpc/protobuf such low level things, and service register/service discover/failure detection/load balancing such microservice things, ONLY we know is CRUD, we still can develop robust programs/services out before the deadline. But I can't find such tool or framework.
  • I am a developer not an operation engineer, I don't like setting up many infrastructures myself. I mean I don't want to set up etcd or zookeeper cluster and maintain them myself. I find memberlist, a gossip library developed by hashicorp who also developed consul, so I decide to make a microservice framework using it to let every service discover each other by themselves.
  • Although a lot of learning materials about the syntax and best practices of Protobuf can be found online, we still feel that the learning curve is relatively steep, and we need a technical solution that can be quickly used by both novice and veteran.


go-doudou comes out, it's mainly inspired by

  • a code generator cli for go-kit
  • golang package for gossip based membership and failure detection
  • OpenAPI 3.0

Design Philosophy

  • Design First: We encourage designing your apis at the first place.
  • Contract: We use OpenAPI 3.0 and Protobuf v3 as a contract between server and client to reduce the communication cost between different dev teams and speed up development.


  • Low-code: design service interface to generate main function, routes, http handlers, mock service implementation, http client, OpenAPI 3.0 json spec, .proto file and more.
  • Support DNS address for service register and discovery
  • Support both monolith and microservice architecture
  • Built-in service governance support including client-side load balancer, rate limiter, circuit breaker, bulkhead, timeout, retry and more.
  • Built-in graceful shutdown
  • Built-in live reloading by watching go files(not support windows)
  • Built-in service documentation UI
  • Built-in service registry UI
  • Built-in common used middlewares including tracing, logging, recover, request id, prometheus and more.
  • Built-in docker and k8s deployment support: dockerfile, deployment kind yaml file and statefulset kind yaml file
  • Easy to learn, simple to use